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  • Updated pending/ready tasks as they are called in tasklist
  • Fixed task cancellation options


  • Gives better parsing of tasking info
  • Search by task ID now
  • Now outputs EECU and path for tasks that have those fields
  • Fixed size estimation for image vs image collection
  • Enhanced user docs and readme
  • added output from delete operation
  • Added some function descriptions & general improvements


  • Updated to use API v1 with some updates to avoid breaking changes
  • Updated some core tools like size update and quota updation
  • The geeadd access tool is now user type agnostic and you can simply pass if the user is service account, group or email
  • Better handling of acl delete function
  • Added some function descriptions & general improvements
  • Reduced client initialization steps


  • fixed ee_report tool to allow for report exports for all EE asset types
  • updated task search and task by state search
  • general cleanup and improvements


  • added folder migration tools
  • improved recursive folder search & copy, move and permissions tools
  • major improvements to copy and move tools for better migration of nested Folders
  • Minor improvements and cleanup


  • Updated search tool to use updated endpoint
  • Search tool no longer downloads zip or parses CSV
  • Minor improvements


  • Updated copy tool to allow for non mirrored copy
  • Updated task and task cancel tools to account for states Pending and Cancelling


  • Updated quota tool to handle GCP projects inside GEE
  • Updated Folder size reporting


  • Updated to use earthengine-api>= 0.1.222
  • Copy and move tool improvements to facilitate cloud alpha support.
  • Updated task check tool to account for operations based handling.


  • Fixed issue 11.
  • Updated to recent API calls based on Issue and general improvements
  • Added auto version check from pypi.


  • Fixed issue with delete tool and shell call.
  • Fixed issue with copy and move function for single collections


  • Now inclues asset_url and thumbnail_url for search.
  • Formatting and general improvements.


  • Now inclues license in sdist
  • Fixed issue with app2script tool and string and text parsing.
  • Added readme and version tools.
  • Added readme docs and deployed environment.


  • Removed git dependency and used urllib instead based on feedback
  • Created conda forge release based on Issue 10


  • Fixed relative import issue for earthengine.
  • Fixed image collection move tool to parse ee object type correctly as image_collection.


  • Made enhancement Issue 9.
  • Search tool now return earth engine asset snippet and start and end dates as JSON object.
  • Removed pretty table dependency.


  • Improved quota tools to get all quota and asset counts.
  • Added a search tool to search GEE catalog using keywords.
  • Improved parsing for app to script tool.
  • Detailed asset root for all root folders and recursively
  • Cancel tasks now allows you to choose, running, ready or specific task ids.
  • Assets copy and move now allows you to copy entire folders, collectiona and assets recursively
  • Updated assets access tool
  • Delete metadata allows you to delete metadata for existing collection.
  • Overall general improvements and optimization.


  • General improvements
  • Added tool to get underlying code from earthengine app


  • Updated list and asset size functions
  • Updated function to generate earthengine asset report
  • General optimization and improvements to distribution
  • Better error handling


  • Removed upload function
  • Upload handles by geeup
  • General optimization and improvements to distribution
  • Better error handling


  • Uses poster for streaming upload more stable with memory issues and large files
  • Poster dependency limits use to Py 2.7 will fix in the new version


  • Major improvement to move, batch copy, and task reporting
  • Major improvements to access tool to allow users read/write permission to entire Folder/collection.


  • Handles bandnames during upload thanks to Lukasz for original upload code
  • Removed manifest option, that can be handled by seperate tool (ppipe)


  • Removing the initialization loop error


  • Added improvement to earthengine authorization


  • Added capability to handle PlanetScope 4Band Surface Reflectance Metadata Type
  • General Improvements


  • Tool improvements and enhancements


  • New tool EE_Report was added


  • Fixed issues with install
  • Dependencies now part of
  • Updated Parser and general improvements

Last update: 2023-10-01
Created: 2021-03-13