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Quota tool

The Quota tool is a fundamental component of the geeadd toolbox, providing essential functionality to monitor and manage your Google Earth Engine (GEE) resources. It enables you to retrieve crucial information about your current GEE quota, including both used and remaining resources. This information is aggregated across all your legacy folders and user root folders.


  • Total Quota Overview: The Quota tool provides a comprehensive overview of your GEE quota, including both the resources you've already consumed and the resources still available.

  • Legacy and User Root Folders: It automatically calculates and aggregates quota information from all your legacy folders and user root folders, ensuring you have a complete picture of your resource usage.


  • Compatibility with Google Cloud Projects: The Quota tool has been enhanced to work seamlessly with Google Earth Engine in conjunction with Google Cloud Projects. You can now specify a project path as an argument to retrieve quota information specific to that project.

The Quota tool in geeadd simplifies resource tracking and management, making it an indispensable tool for Earth Engine users.